A Bone Graft Can Support An Implant

A dental bone graft is often done as part of the restoration process for teeth that have been lost to injury or disease. It can also be considered a cosmetic dentistry procedure. Your bone structure is what supports the shape of the face so that when it is compromised your muscles may weaken causing your skin to start to sag. A bone graft can amend the deterioration.

People who suffer tooth loss due to gum disease may opt to replace them with implants, but successful implant surgery depends a lot on the condition of the bone structure. The root of the implant is actually inserted into the jawbone to ultimately become a part of the bone structure and support the crown that will go on top. If the bone structure is too weak to provide that support it will be harder to achieve a favorable result. A bone graft can help restore the bone structure so that it will be strong enough to accept an implant.

The bone that your dentist will use for the graft may come from your own body or it may be from a donor. The procedure can be performed in your dentist’s office while you are under local anesthesia but it will take several months to heal properly. During this time your dentist may be able to fit you with a temporary bridge.

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