Are Silver Fillings Safe?


The Link Dental team has taken the necessary steps to research new information behind silver fillings. We have come to the conclusion that they are not safe anymore. Literally thousands of articles have been published about the health issues associated with mercury exposure.

Since silver fillings (dental amalgam) is approximately 50% mercury, the safety of dental amalgam has been exhaustively researched. Until recently, the majority of research supported amalgams safety with some outlying conflicting conclusions. This left some controversy but the overall consensus came down on the side of amalgam safety.

So whats changed? Cell Phones. The electromagnetic energy used to power cell phones, MRIs and microwaves liberates mercury from amalgam fillings. This is very important to understand because :

  • Mercury has been found to be causative for autism spectrum disorders. We’re seeing and epidemic increase in autism spectrum disorders.
  • Mercury crosses the placenta.
  • A common male genetic variant is especially vulnerable to mercury poisoning.
  • Mercury is linked to a myriad of health issues including mental illness, behavioral disorders, neurologic degenerative diseases (like Parkinson’s and dementia), dermatologic problems, autoimmune diseases and issues with male sexual health.

While Link Dental has not placed amalgam fillings for over 20 years, we haven’t encouraged our patients to remove them (under controlled circumstances) until now. Careful consideration of whether to remove amalgam fillings is particularly relevant for any woman contemplating pregnancy.

Since this information while available has not been featured prominently in the dental literature, Link Dental has reached out to the ADA, Delta Dental and other organizations involved in protecting public health and are asking you to pass this information along.

Below is the list of relevant peer reviewed articles from the National Institutes of Health.

We hope this empowers you to take exceptional care of yourself.

Be well,
Jean Link

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All of the information in this letter is research based. Following is a sampling of the articles and abstracts reviewed and referenced. You can investigate this material further going to PUBMED and entering the article number in the search bar. These peer reviewed articles are made public by the National Institutes for Health.

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