Author: Mark

Cosmetic Dentistry Takes It A Step Further

Professionals in the field of cosmetic dentistry deal with the same issues that general dentists do, but their specialty lies in the aesthetic value of the patient’s smile. Those who practice general dentistry are usually more traditional in their methods of treatment and the materials that they use. When it… Read more »

Home Maintenance Can Protect Your Investment

Cosmetic dentistry can provide any number of procedures to improve the look of damaged teeth but once a tooth is restored it will be up to the patient to take the necessary measures to maintain the upgrade. Porcelain veneers for instance, do not respond well to alcohol. Patients who consume… Read more »

Keep Up The Good Work

If you’ve made it through to adulthood with only the occasional cavity along the way you’ve done a good job, but now is no time to stop. You don’t have to resolve yourself to the eventual loss of your teeth to the aging process. Teeth were made to last a… Read more »

A Bone Graft Can Support An Implant

A dental bone graft is often done as part of the restoration process for teeth that have been lost to injury or disease. It can also be considered a cosmetic dentistry procedure. Your bone structure is what supports the shape of the face so that when it is compromised your… Read more »