Cosmetic Bonding May Be Just What You Need

Bonding is just one of the many options that cosmetic dentistry has to offer. It is also one of the most cost effective. Your dentist can improve the look of one damaged or stained tooth with a bonding treatment or he can do a complete makeover of your smile.

The process involves the dentist applying a composite resin to the tooth. This resin is a kind of plastic that can be shaped to cover the affected area of the tooth. Your dentist will bond it to your tooth with a laser type light and polish it to a smooth finish.

A dental composite resin can be colored to conform to the natural shade of your teeth so well that you will not be able to tell the difference between the newly bonded tooth and the others.

Dental bonding is most effective for teeth that have been stained so badly that a whitening solution is no longer feasible. It is also an ideal resolution for cracked or chipped teeth. if your teeth appear undersized or too big for your mouth, dental bonding can change their appearance. Composites can be used to fill in the space between gaping teeth and recreate the shape of crooked ones.

Since there are so many cosmetic treatments that can produce amazing improvements, your dentist at Link Dental will perform a thorough exam and consult your medical and dental histories before he recommends a specific procedure. Call 303-835-0185 to make your appointment today.