Cosmetic Dentistry Can Restore Your Self-Confidence

When a dentist asks a patient if she is happy with the way her smile looks, her answer may be a clue to what needs to be done to improve it. If a patient says that she sees more gum than teeth when she smiles her dentist will suspect that the problem may have stemmed from the time of tooth eruption.

It’s not that your teeth are too short, it’s the extra gum tissue that gives that effect. Another contributing factor could be that the lack of muscle control is causing your top lip to twitch in an upward motion more of the time increasing exposure of the gums.

The number of teeth that show when you smile is referred to as your smile line. The amount of gum tissue should be in accordance with the contour of your mouth, anything else may result in what is commonly called a “gummy smile.” People who have it are embarrassed to show their smile and may begin to avoid smiling altogether.

As if the lack of self confidence isn’t enough, a gummy smile could be an indication of a serious underlying dental condition. If it is as suspected a result of a problem with the eruption process or the way the jawbone was developed, the symmetry could have been compromised.

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