Cosmetic Dentistry Takes It A Step Further

Professionals in the field of cosmetic dentistry deal with the same issues that general dentists do, but their specialty lies in the aesthetic value of the patient’s smile.

Those who practice general dentistry are usually more traditional in their methods of treatment and the materials that they use. When it comes to treating a cavity or installing a crown for example, a general dentist is more likely to recommend an amalgam, or silver, filling or crown. These metals are adequate but they will be noticeable especially if used for a front tooth. The material is also susceptible to heat and cold.

Composite resin fillings and porcelain crowns are the more popular choices among cosmetic dentists. They can be made to simulate a natural tooth in both texture and in color.

General dentistry is commonly known to for fitting patients with dentures to take the place of the natural teeth that have been lost. Denture wearers however often complain about a loose fit or slippage, causing problems with speech and the ability to eat particular foods.

Dental implants are one of the most innovative restorations associated with cosmetic dentistry. As the technology has improved over the years more and more people have chosen implants over dentures as a more natural and comfortable option.

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