Comprehensive Examination

Plan for Your Dental Treatment

With our Comprehensive Exam, you’ll be able to plan for your dental treatment. You’ll be able to schedule the time, budget, and optimize any dental benefits so you can more easily complete your treatment of choice.

Prevent Unnecessary Surprises

Once you know the precise condition of your oral health, we’ll have the foundation to develop a lifelong oral health plan (during your consultation appointment) to meet your needs today and in the future. You’ll make the decision about what you want to do or not do based on the knowledge you’ll gain during the Comprehensive Exam and Consultation appointments.

Save Money

Oral health diseases, like many other diseases, are often only noticed when they’re in an advanced stage and causing pain or other issues. Our Comprehensive Exam will accurately establish your level of oral health, so we’ll be able to identify and treat problems sooner, rather than later – which is usually easier and less costly than crisis treatment.

Link Dental’s Comprehensive Exam involves much more than just taking a close look at your teeth. We’ve developed a 28 point checklist that helps us analyze and evaluate:

  • Your overall dentition of existing restorations, active decay and occlusal wear
  • Your smile’s appearance (teeth color, tightness or looseness of teeth, health and condition of prior dental work)
  • Tissues surrounding teeth for signs of periodontal disease
  • Your bite alignment to check for signs of jaw dysfunction

Plus, we’ll complete an oral cancer screening and discuss your overall health, as well as any existing medical conditions. This complete and thorough examination will confirm the precise condition of your overall oral health.

Upon completing your exam, Dr. Link may ask your permission to take any necessary x-rays, photographs or other records necessary in completing your evaluation. These records and the exam findings will be reviewed by Dr. Link prior to your consultation appointment.

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