Coordinating Interdisciplinary Care – Link Dental Denver

Having the right team in place; however, is not enough to achieve optimal outcomes. Equally important is making sure that treatment is sequenced correctly and this requires careful coordination and communication between all clinicians participating in your care. To that end Link Dental routinely does the following.

  1. Makes sure that you (our most important team member) are well informed and have chosen treatment that best suits your needs/desires.
  2. We will coordinate the sequence of treatment by consulting with the specialist involved in your care so the cart never gets in front of the horse.
  3. We will share all x-rays, photos, our clinical impressions and treatment goals with those specialists prior to any treatment.
  4. When multiple specialties are involved in your care, group consultations will be held prior to your treatment. Sometimes we will meet virtually with “Go To” so photos and x-rays can be viewed by the whole team in real time.
  5. For treatment that takes many years to complete, we will update your progress with all treating clinicians.
  6. We host quarterly treatment planning sessions with our team so that we can share new information, technology and ideas about how to improve our treatment outcomes with these new modalities.
  7. You will be kept “in the loop” as these communications are routinely copied to our patients via e-mail and/or regular mail.

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