Equilibration – Link Dental Denver CO

  1. Reduction in tooth fracture and abnormal wear.
  2. Reduction in periodontal bone loss and/or recession.
  3. Eliminates one of the most common factors known to initiate night time grinding.
  4. Reduces the likelihood of Jaw muscle soreness.
  5. Reduces harmful muscle incoordination that can lead to disc displacement in the jaw joints and frequent headaches.

Equilibration is one of 4 options available for the correction of a malocclusion (“bad bite”) and it is the least invasive and most precise option in many cases. Much like the adjustment of a new filling or crown; ink ribbon is used to mark teeth that are hitting prematurely or improperly. These marks are made while the jaw joint is carefully held in its physiologic position. Equilibration involves the selective reshaping of these teeth to place tooth contacts in harmony with the temporomandibular joint (jaw joint), the periodontal ligament, and muscles of mastication. It is a painless process and does not usually require any anesthesia. The process usually involves three appointments spaced several days to several weeks apart.

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