Aging effects of severe wear reversed by treatment

No tooth exposure with lips at rest makes this patient look much older than his chronologic age before treatment. After treatment, it is difficult to believe that these are the same teeth.

Restorative treatment not only increased tooth exposure with lips at rest, but also increase lip fullness. The result is a much more youthful and esthetic look.

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Before After Neil

Implant revision case

Kathy’s case illustrates how important planning is before treatment begins. Kathy came to Link dental extremely frustrated (View Patient testimonial) with her upper implant overdenture. Her lip would catch on the denture flange when she smiled and occasionally this would dislodge her upper teeth. She did not like the grey/pink acrylic or the short teeth. Most importantly she did not like the fact that she had paid to have 8 implants placed, but because of poor planning 4 of those implants could not be use. In addition, she had been told her upper teeth would be fixed, but she was forced into a removable prosthesis.

After carefully evaluating her condition and getting separate evaluations from oral surgeons and a periodontist, it became obvious that surgical options were to risky. Dr. Link uncovered the 4 unused implants and was able to creatively problem solve Kathy’s case. Ultimately, Kathy was able to get the type of prosthesis she originally wanted. Esthetic and non-removable.

Before After Kathy

Excessive and Asymmetric gingival display

Scott was dissatisfied with his “gummy smile” and was not open to undergoing orthodontics for a 3rd time as well as have major jaw surgery to correct these problems. After treatment, Scott’s gingivial tissues are symmetrical and his “gummy smile” has disappeared.

Scott’s lower front teeth had severely worn and crowded due the heavy grinding initiated by his bite not being in harmony with his jaw joints.

The illusion of straight teeth was created with soft tissue surgery and full crowns. His bite was corrected to prevent a recurrence of his initial problems.

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Before After Scott

Full Mouth reconstruction: Orthodontics, implants & crowns

Prior to becoming established with Link Dental, Richard had always treated his tooth problems on a crisis care basis. When it hurt, he treated them. While this is one way of approaching dental treatment; it very often results in the treatment of symptoms rather than causes of problems.

To resolve the underlying causes of Richard’s dental issues he had 4 phases of treatment:

  • Urgent care
  • Orthodontics (braces)
  • Surgical implant placement
  • Final restorations

All phases of treatment were coordinated by Link Dental; however, oral surgery and orthodontics was performed by Dr. Steve Aragon and Dr. Andrew Girardot respectively.

This type of outcome could not have been achieved by any one of the clinicians working alone.

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Before After Richard

Worn enamel

Changes in the jaw Joints usually have a negative impact on the muscles and the teeth. Conversely, changes in the bite (See “Your bite – The Foundation of dental health”) will usually negatively impact the muscles and joints. Kathy presented to Link Dental complaining of jaw joint and muscle pain (See patient testimonial video) as well as severe wear of her front teeth. Her case perfectly illustrates the importance of having healthy joints and what happens to teeth and muscles when joints change.

Problems with Kathy’s bite and jaw joint resulted in severe wear of her upper and lower front teeth giving her a smile that was less than pleasing.

After her joint was stabilized and her bite was corrected it was safe to restore her beautiful smile. Link dental is very careful not to proceed with cosmetic treatment until the underlying causes of the original problems are resolved. It is this “comprehensive” approach that gives our results predictability and longevity.

Before After Mueller