Implant Technology Has Made Remarkable Headway

In most cases teeth are lost gradually one or two at a time until the patient can no longer function sufficiently. At that time a dentist may recommend that whatever teeth remain be extracted and he and the patient consider alternatives, but because the process of tooth loss was so tedious the underlying bone structure began to deteriorate.

Dentures used to be the only resolution for someone missing an entire set of teeth, but a lot of patients were just never able to get used to wearing “false teeth.” Either they fit badly or they looked so unnatural that the patient was too embarrassed to wear them. These problems were often due to the lack of support from the weakened jawbone. Implants were initially introduced to benefit such patient cases.

Initial implants were pretty uniform as far as their all around width but they were able to be sized by length. Now they are fitted to match the overall shape of a particular patient’s other teeth to enhance a more natural smile.

With improvement in technology dentists regularly replace a single missing tooth or only a few teeth using implants. Titanium is the metal of choice when it comes to a dental implant. The material has proven to fuse well with what is left of the natural bone structure so that once the implant has established itself it will be able to support the crown.

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