Keep Up The Good Work

If you’ve made it through to adulthood with only the occasional cavity along the way you’ve done a good job, but now is no time to stop. You don’t have to resolve yourself to the eventual loss of your teeth to the aging process. Teeth were made to last a lifetime and even though our life expectancy has increased so have the ways that we can keep our teeth bright and healthy for more years to come.

As we age we may face certain medical issues that can affect our dental health as well. These matters can usually be dealt with if your dentist is aware of them. Be sure to discuss any existing conditions with your dentist at your next visit and keep him up to date about changes in any of the medications that you may be taking.

Everyone’s situation is different. Talk to your dentist about your lifestyle, Tell him about your eating and drinking habits so that he can get a better idea of your susceptibility for cavities. Yes, adults get them too and If your diet includes a lot of sugary soft drinks and sweets you are at higher risk.

All this discussion will help your dentist develop a regimen for oral hygiene that will fit into your routine and relate to your specific needs or weaknesses.

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