Treating Tooth Perforation at Link Dental

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What Is Tooth Perforation?

A perforation is a hole in either the root or crown of a tooth. One can form as the result of internal or external root resorption, and in some cases because too much tooth structure was removed in root canal preparation. These holes are very dangerous to the tooth and need treatment if the tooth is to be saved. 

Treatment for Tooth Perforation

The closer the perforation is to the root tip, the smaller that perforation is, and the more recent the perforation is, the better the chances are of saving the tooth by sealing it with a biocompatible restorative material. More severe cases may require surgical correction and guided tissue regeneration procedures.

How Can Dr. Link Help Me?

Tooth perforation is an unfortunate reality of a small percentage of root canal treatments, but you can be confident that Dr. Link has all the tools, training, and knowledge to give every tooth them treats the best chance for success. If you have any questions about how we treat tooth perforation at Link Dental, just give us a call at (303) 773-8262 or send us an email.