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The discovery of gold in the Rocky Mountains in 1858 led to a flood of immigration to the Denver area. Pike’s Peak Gold Rush that year established the mining town Montana City, the first settlement of what would become Denver, though it was soon abandoned in favor of Auraria and St. Charles City.

General Larimer named the St. Charles townsite Denver City in an attempt to gain favor from the Kansas Territorial Governor, James W. Denver, but he had already resigned. Larimer sold parcels of land to merchants and miners, hoping to create a major city to bring in more immigrants. It was a frontier town then, its economy based on servicing the local miners.

By the end of the 1860s, the city was a vibrant supply and service center, but the first transcontinental railroad was routed through Cheyenne City instead, putting the city’s new prosperity in jeopardy. The citizens mobilized to build their own railroad to connect Denver, raising the necessary funds within only three days. The project was difficult but Denver Pacific was completed to the sound of cheering in 1870.

The city drew in newcomers from all around the world, to the point where it strained the housing supply, but it also invited corruption and crime. Crime bosses such as Soapy Smith worked hand-in-hand with elected officials and police to control elections and gambling.

Throughout the 20th century, the area saw the Carnation Gold Rush, a nuclear weapons facility, and a rejection of an offer to host the Winter Olympics.

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Explore the Spooky Side of Denver

The city is surrounded by breathtaking national parks and formations that you can reach easily on a day trip or bus tour, but inside the city limits, if you’re a fan of ghost stories, you won’t want to miss the Twilight Ghost Tour around the Capitol Hill neighborhood. This neighborhood is considered to be the most haunted in the city, and you’ll learn about haunted mansions and historic scandals as you walk the dark streets.

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