Centennial, CO

All About Centennial, CO

Centennial is only two decades old as an incorporated city. It was named in honor Colorado becoming the 38th state in the nation’s centennial year. The reason it incorporated was to stop the neighboring city of Greenwood Village from annexing even more of the community than it already had. It took a number of court cases to establish that the community’s right to incorporate was stronger than Greenwood Village’s right to annex.

The City of Centennial is still so new that some people in the Denver-Aurora area don’t recognize the area by its official name yet, and the US Postal Service isn’t helping matters by continuing to designate some local addresses as being in Aurora, Englewood, or Littleton even though they fall within city limits. This has been a source of great confusion, considering that Centennial doesn’t even share a boundary with Englewood and there are islands of Centennial inside of Aurora and vice versa.

One funny piece of trivia is that the Centennial Airport just east of town is not actually named after the city. It’s thirty years older and was once the Arapahoe County Airport.

Link Dental and Centennial, CO

We love serving the people of this city and helping them achieve their healthy smile goals. Whether that means essential preventative dentistry through regular cleaning appointments, something more advanced like dental implants, or even cosmetic treatments like veneers to give your smile a pearly white gleam, we look forward to being your partners in lifelong dental health. Check this map if you need directions to our practice.

Explore Centennial, CO

Just because our town is so close to Denver doesn’t mean there aren’t fun things to do within the city limits! After your dental appointment with us, why not visit Centennial Center Park? It’s the first city-owned park opened in town, and it’s a fantastic place to bring the kids. They’ll love the extensive splash pads, playgrounds, climbing structures, and jungle gyms, and they’ll also learn a lot about state history on the Colorado Statehood Walk.

Gun enthusiasts will love the Centennial Gun Club, which offers a variety of gun safety and marksmanship courses on a variety of different firearms from pistols to shotguns and a range to test your aim!

After all this fun, you’re going to want to enjoy some delicious food. You could simply to go to a chain restaurant or you could try a great local eatery like Shawarma Mediterranean Grill! If you’ve never tried Greek or Turkish food, this is a great place to get your introduction. Try the lamb shawarma with a side of spiced potatoes, and then enjoy some delicious baklava for dessert.

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