Turn back the clock with your own healing serum.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) are both autologous platelet concentrates prepared from the patient’s own blood which becomes the body’s own healing serum.

The properties found in PRP and PRF make them superior products compared to man-made products for uses in skin care procedures such as microneedling and injections. By drawing a patient’s blood and using their own plasma for these treatments, we are utilizing the purest and most natural form of growth factors possible, giving exceptional results treating anti-aging, acne scarring, skin tone, and texture.

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Platelet Rich Plasma is the derivative of blood centrifuged at a high speed. The blood is separated into two distinct layers, leaving the heavier red, white, and stem cells to collect at the bottom. In the meantime, the lighter weight platelets and plasma are able to be collected from the top of a tube containing an anticoagulant.


Platelet Rich Fibrin is the next-generation PRP. It is the derivative of blood centrifuged at a low speed separating the blood into layers that are not as distinct as with PRP.  This allows some of the white cells, growth factors, and stem cells, along with the platelets, to be collected from a tube that has no anticoagulant additive.  It is these additional elements that make PRF a much more desired product when used in skin care treatments.

PRP is still a very powerful product, and will definitely help with reducing fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scarring, but it may take more treatments to achieve the desired results.  However, since the PRP is collected in a tube containing an anticoagulant it does allow for a lot more leeway in the time we have to inject or microneedle it into the skin.

PRF on the other hand, has only 15 minutes from the time of draw to use because it is collected in a tube without anticoagulant.