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Are Silver Fillings Safe?


The Link Dental team has taken the necessary steps to research new information behind silver fillings. We have come to the conclusion that they are not safe anymore. Literally thousands of articles have been published about the health issues associated with mercury exposure.

Since silver fillings (dental amalgam) is approximately 50% mercury, the safety of dental amalgam has been exhaustively researched. Until recently, the majority of research supported amalgams safety with some outlying conflicting conclusions. This left some controversy but the overall consensus came down on the side of amalgam safety.

So whats changed? Cell Phones. The electromagnetic energy used to power cell phones, MRIs and microwaves liberates mercury from amalgam fillings. This is very important to understand because :

  • Mercury has been found to be causative for autism spectrum disorders. We’re seeing and epidemic increase in autism spectrum disorders.
  • Mercury crosses the placenta.
  • A common male genetic variant is especially vulnerable to mercury poisoning.
  • Mercury is linked to a myriad of health issues including mental illness, behavioral disorders, neurologic degenerative diseases (like Parkinson’s and dementia), dermatologic problems, autoimmune diseases and issues with male sexual health.

While Link Dental has not placed amalgam fillings for over 20 years, we haven’t encouraged our patients to remove them (under controlled circumstances) until now. Careful consideration of whether to remove amalgam fillings is particularly relevant for any woman contemplating pregnancy.

Since this information while available has not been featured prominently in the dental literature, Link Dental has reached out to the ADA, Delta Dental and other organizations involved in protecting public health and are asking you to pass this information along.

Below is the list of relevant peer reviewed articles from the National Institutes of Health.

We hope this empowers you to take exceptional care of yourself.

Be well,
Jean Link

Research References

All of the information in this letter is research based. Following is a sampling of the articles and abstracts reviewed and referenced. You can investigate this material further going to PUBMED and entering the article number in the search bar. These peer reviewed articles are made public by the National Institutes for Health.

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Cosmetic Dentistry Takes It A Step Further

Professionals in the field of cosmetic dentistry deal with the same issues that general dentists do, but their specialty lies in the aesthetic value of the patient’s smile.

Those who practice general dentistry are usually more traditional in their methods of treatment and the materials that they use. When it comes to treating a cavity or installing a crown for example, a general dentist is more likely to recommend an amalgam, or silver, filling or crown. These metals are adequate but they will be noticeable especially if used for a front tooth. The material is also susceptible to heat and cold.

Composite resin fillings and porcelain crowns are the more popular choices among cosmetic dentists. They can be made to simulate a natural tooth in both texture and in color.

General dentistry is commonly known to for fitting patients with dentures to take the place of the natural teeth that have been lost. Denture wearers however often complain about a loose fit or slippage, causing problems with speech and the ability to eat particular foods.

Dental implants are one of the most innovative restorations associated with cosmetic dentistry. As the technology has improved over the years more and more people have chosen implants over dentures as a more natural and comfortable option.

Count on Link Dental professionals to complete a thorough evaluation of your needs before recommending a specific procedure. Call the office at 303-536-3188 to get started on the path to a new and improved smile for 2016.

Home Maintenance Can Protect Your Investment

Cosmetic dentistry can provide any number of procedures to improve the look of damaged teeth but once a tooth is restored it will be up to the patient to take the necessary measures to maintain the upgrade.

Porcelain veneers for instance, do not respond well to alcohol. Patients who consume alcoholic beverages on a daily basis run the risk of the bonding material being compromised. Dentists also warn patients against using a mouthwash that contains alcohol.

Soda and sports drinks are just as bad for a cosmetically restored tooth as they are for a natural one. The sugar and acid content can get in and around the tooth and do damage to the dental work.

People who have had a cosmetic dental procedure should be more diligent than ever about brushing and flossing regularly and in the proper way. Dentists recommend using a non-abrasive toothpaste to remove surface stains from the teeth.

After a cosmetic procedure your dentist will send you home with a list of what to do and what not to do in order to maintain the improvement. Take advantage of his experience and follow his advice for the best long term results.

Nothing lasts forever. A dental implant or bridge work may need some repair after some time. If a problem arises see your cosmetic dentist asap in order to prevent any more serious damage.

Call 303-974-4352 to set up a meeting with Dr. Mark or Dr. Jean Link to tour the Link Dental facility.

Keep Up The Good Work

If you’ve made it through to adulthood with only the occasional cavity along the way you’ve done a good job, but now is no time to stop. You don’t have to resolve yourself to the eventual loss of your teeth to the aging process. Teeth were made to last a lifetime and even though our life expectancy has increased so have the ways that we can keep our teeth bright and healthy for more years to come.

As we age we may face certain medical issues that can affect our dental health as well. These matters can usually be dealt with if your dentist is aware of them. Be sure to discuss any existing conditions with your dentist at your next visit and keep him up to date about changes in any of the medications that you may be taking.

Everyone’s situation is different. Talk to your dentist about your lifestyle, Tell him about your eating and drinking habits so that he can get a better idea of your susceptibility for cavities. Yes, adults get them too and If your diet includes a lot of sugary soft drinks and sweets you are at higher risk.

All this discussion will help your dentist develop a regimen for oral hygiene that will fit into your routine and relate to your specific needs or weaknesses.

Visit the website, to read about the distinct type of service that Link Dental provides for their patients.

A Thorough Exam Is An Important Part Of The Overall Plan

What kind of cosmetic dentistry procedure will accomplish the effect that you are looking for? How extensive will the treatment need to be and how will you be able to afford it? These are some of the questions that are on the minds of the patients that are considering an improvement. Getting the answers to all your questions will begin with having a thorough preliminary exam.

No cosmetic procedure will be performed before determining that your mouth and teeth are in a generally healthy condition. Implants for instance, are more successfully accomplished with patients who have the adequate bone structure to support them.

A cosmetic procedure can mean anything from whitening to veneers. The reasons for having the work done are just as diverse. You may simply want to enhance your smile in order to present a better first impression, or you may have serious discoloration or damage caused by periodontal disease.

There are several methods that can be used to whiten your teeth, but you may be surprised to learn that specific discolorations will react differently to the process. Your cosmetic dentist will also point out that teeth that have fillings or crowns may not whiten as well.

Whatever the issue might be you will want to explore all your options and discuss the details of any treatment with your cosmetic dentist.

The doctors at Link Dental in Centennial realize the benefit of a complete preliminary exam as a part of any cosmetic dental consultation. Call the office @ 303-536-3825.

Improving Your Smile Can Raise Your Self Confidence

How important is a smile really? Well, sociologists have actually determined that having a pleasant smile can give a person the confidence to compete with co-workers, be able to converse with others in a social situation and even perform or speak in front of an audience full of strangers. This being the case think how people who hate their smile must feel about themselves.

The psychological factor that goes along with being able to present an affable smile is definitely a consideration when it comes to thinking about having a cosmetic procedure done. In other words it’s not all about vanity.

Technology has given cosmetic dentistry so many ways to improve a patient’s countenance that pretty much any enhancement is possible. If the problem has to do with the appearance of your teeth a dentist can apply veneers to mask a multitude of sins, so to speak. A veneer is a thin piece of porcelain that fits over a tooth to restore a perfect appearance, as if it had never been marred by stains or discoloration. Veneers can also be used to fill in gaps between the teeth.

The cost of a cosmetic dental procedure will of course depend on the type of improvement you are looking for. Since treatments range from a simple whitening system all the way to having a complete transplant, prices will vary widely and some can be expensive. Look for a dentist who is willing to work with you to arrange a payment plan that will fit your budget.

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Implant Technology Has Made Remarkable Headway

In most cases teeth are lost gradually one or two at a time until the patient can no longer function sufficiently. At that time a dentist may recommend that whatever teeth remain be extracted and he and the patient consider alternatives, but because the process of tooth loss was so tedious the underlying bone structure began to deteriorate.

Dentures used to be the only resolution for someone missing an entire set of teeth, but a lot of patients were just never able to get used to wearing “false teeth.” Either they fit badly or they looked so unnatural that the patient was too embarrassed to wear them. These problems were often due to the lack of support from the weakened jawbone. Implants were initially introduced to benefit such patient cases.

Initial implants were pretty uniform as far as their all around width but they were able to be sized by length. Now they are fitted to match the overall shape of a particular patient’s other teeth to enhance a more natural smile.

With improvement in technology dentists regularly replace a single missing tooth or only a few teeth using implants. Titanium is the metal of choice when it comes to a dental implant. The material has proven to fuse well with what is left of the natural bone structure so that once the implant has established itself it will be able to support the crown.

There are various reasons for taking advantage of the outstanding technology that has produced the modern dental implant. Call Link Dental @ 303-536-3188 to arrange for a consultation.

A Bone Graft Can Support An Implant

A dental bone graft is often done as part of the restoration process for teeth that have been lost to injury or disease. It can also be considered a cosmetic dentistry procedure. Your bone structure is what supports the shape of the face so that when it is compromised your muscles may weaken causing your skin to start to sag. A bone graft can amend the deterioration.

People who suffer tooth loss due to gum disease may opt to replace them with implants, but successful implant surgery depends a lot on the condition of the bone structure. The root of the implant is actually inserted into the jawbone to ultimately become a part of the bone structure and support the crown that will go on top. If the bone structure is too weak to provide that support it will be harder to achieve a favorable result. A bone graft can help restore the bone structure so that it will be strong enough to accept an implant.

The bone that your dentist will use for the graft may come from your own body or it may be from a donor. The procedure can be performed in your dentist’s office while you are under local anesthesia but it will take several months to heal properly. During this time your dentist may be able to fit you with a temporary bridge.

If you want to know more about implants and bone grafting consult the doctors at Link Dental in Centennial. Call the office @ 303-536-3188.

Cosmetic Bonding May Be Just What You Need

Bonding is just one of the many options that cosmetic dentistry has to offer. It is also one of the most cost effective. Your dentist can improve the look of one damaged or stained tooth with a bonding treatment or he can do a complete makeover of your smile.

The process involves the dentist applying a composite resin to the tooth. This resin is a kind of plastic that can be shaped to cover the affected area of the tooth. Your dentist will bond it to your tooth with a laser type light and polish it to a smooth finish.

A dental composite resin can be colored to conform to the natural shade of your teeth so well that you will not be able to tell the difference between the newly bonded tooth and the others.

Dental bonding is most effective for teeth that have been stained so badly that a whitening solution is no longer feasible. It is also an ideal resolution for cracked or chipped teeth. if your teeth appear undersized or too big for your mouth, dental bonding can change their appearance. Composites can be used to fill in the space between gaping teeth and recreate the shape of crooked ones.

Since there are so many cosmetic treatments that can produce amazing improvements, your dentist at Link Dental will perform a thorough exam and consult your medical and dental histories before he recommends a specific procedure. Call 303-835-0185 to make your appointment today.

Cosmetic Dentistry Can Restore Your Self-Confidence

When a dentist asks a patient if she is happy with the way her smile looks, her answer may be a clue to what needs to be done to improve it. If a patient says that she sees more gum than teeth when she smiles her dentist will suspect that the problem may have stemmed from the time of tooth eruption.

It’s not that your teeth are too short, it’s the extra gum tissue that gives that effect. Another contributing factor could be that the lack of muscle control is causing your top lip to twitch in an upward motion more of the time increasing exposure of the gums.

The number of teeth that show when you smile is referred to as your smile line. The amount of gum tissue should be in accordance with the contour of your mouth, anything else may result in what is commonly called a “gummy smile.” People who have it are embarrassed to show their smile and may begin to avoid smiling altogether.

As if the lack of self confidence isn’t enough, a gummy smile could be an indication of a serious underlying dental condition. If it is as suspected a result of a problem with the eruption process or the way the jawbone was developed, the symmetry could have been compromised.

Dr. Link of Link Dental in Centennial specializes in adult dental procedures. After an evaluation he will be able to suggest a cosmetic procedure that will give you a smile that you will want to show off. Call 303-536-3825 for your appointment.